WomenSpeak Poetry Reading Video

You can now watch a video of the entire WomenSpeak Exhibit poetry reading and order the beautiful companion book on artist Nancy Smith’s website. My poem, “Night Garden,” is read by one of the poetry judges at the 24:45 mark of the video. The poem is also in the book.

Poetry in New Issue of Still

My poem, “Baptism by Fire,” about the 2014 Elk River, WV Chemical Spill/Water Crisis is in the Open Histories Poetry Sampler in the new issue of Still. The poem is included in my debut poetry collection, Give the Bard a Tetanus Shot, which you can pre-order directly from my publisher,

Pre-Order for My Debut Poetry Collection Give the Bard a Tetanus Shot

My debut poetry collection, Give the Bard a Tetanus Shot, will be released in September by Vegetarian Alcoholic Press. You can now pre-order at a discounted price with free shipping through July 31st directly from my publisher’s website.

Book Banner

I’m so grateful to my editor, Freddy La Force, for believing in and supporting my work.


Poetry Featured in Cento Challenge

A line from my poem “Shadowbox,” originally published in The Hellebore, is part of this month’s Cento Challenge. Every day a line from a different poem is posted, then at the end of month all the lines are assembled into a cento.